Use Cases

DMA supports broad range of scenarios, enabling DApps in decentralized digital marketing and commerce domain.


This use case includes performances, live shows, sporting events, ticket management for various gatherings. DMA can help the event ticketing platform to tokenize the tickets, making it easy for selling in the online ticketing platform. The e-ticket can also be easily sent, transferred, sold/bought among people in secondary market. The original ticket issuer can put restrictions on the e-ticket, such as the frequency, liquidity, price range of the ticket. This kind of asset should follow non-fungible Token Standard.

Digital copyright-ed content

The digital content, such as e-book, music, pictures, documents, can be managed by DMA framework’s digital asset controller. The controller features several smart contracts defining the rights and duties as well as profit distribution mechanisms.

Digital Advertisement Service

Advertisers look for good quality data source to push accurate and relevant commercials. Customers with dynamical personal portrait data like to share with the right ad agent or direct channel who offers the right price for usage. DMA data management and utilization services make the match-making job easier. It helps maximizing the ad efficiency and accuracy, and automatically distribute expense, commission and profit, with minimum intermediary agent involvement.

Social Commerce

Elastos uses DID sidechain to provide ID management features. Every user, device, entity uses the Elastos DID sidechain.DID is used to manage users as well as the relationship between DIDs via various marketing activities. Such relationship generates dynamic social graph. Social graph brings the most efficient way to target marketing and e-commerce.


DMA team has 10+ years continuous experience in digital marketing and O2O e-commerce business. Our goal is to build decentralized marketing and commerce platform to support the mega-trend of the upcoming token economy revolution. The team is cutting edge technology orientated, focusing on blockchain technology, digital marketing and e-commerce platform development and operation.